Views and Editors

The introspection plug-in provides various views that help to understand the bits and pieces of the Eclipse platfrom. These views collect and connect the configuration and runtime information. Hence, avoiding the need of investigating the raw configuration files or debug the platform itself.

 Platform Explorer view
Provides a hierarchical tree view of the platform objects at runtime. This view may be used to investigate the way platform components are composed and working together.
since 0.3.0
 Help Explorer view
Lists all contributors and contributions to the Eclipse help system.
since 0.4.0
 Source view
Displays the sources for the selected elements in the Help Explorer view. It shows the contents of XML and HTML files of help entries that refer to such files.
since 0.4.0
 DOM/AST Explorer view
Reveals the DOM/AST structure of selected Java source files.
since 0.5.0