Adding context sensitive help

The Eclipse platform provides means of showing little a help popup window when the user presses the button F1. These so called Infopops contain short help texts and optional hyperlinks to get more information in the main help window.

These infopops can be added to any SWT control so that a pressed key F1 triggers their display. The task for a developer is to create the context entries for the infopops and connect them to the controls that should be enabled to show them on demand. Using the Help Exporer view can simplify collecting the information needed to build the infopops. In the next sections depict the creation and addition of such an infopop. The used infopop describes the purpose of a view and adds two hyperlinks to both a help file in the same plug-in and one in another standard plug-in.

Adding the plug-in extension

Adding the file contents

Adding the external references

Adding the context-code to the view

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